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Woodville Basketball Player Game Photos Service

Woodville Basketball Player Game Photos Service

  • $000

Over the course of a season, and year, I would make my way to a high number of games taking game photos for each of our Woodville teams. Apart from a couple of products available during our team photo event each season, there has been to now, no on-going opportunity for members to view and purchase a copy / copies of the game photos taken.
I would like to introduce you to a new service which will be on
offer 24/7, and updated weekly.
All photos that have been taken and catalogued for 2018
are available as a digital file for $2 each.
(Other years are also available upon request)
How does this work?
A weekly email will be sent out from both promoting the above offer and advising what teams collections have been updated during the past week.
To organise a private gallery of available photos for your child(ren), you need only reply to the email(s) with names of players you are interested in
or order a viewing here.
Collections will only be made available of players whom are registered in your care (ie. parents / guardians). No third parties will be allowed access to collections. A slideshow will then be created and forwarded to you for view.
You select the photos you would like to purchase and make payment at
$2 per selected photo.
Files are then created and sent digitally.
Files will be photo print quality for your use.